Meet DHI Canada Instructor Steve Isaac

Apr 5, 2023 | General News


bio picSteve G Isaac AHC, FDAI

Architectural Sales Consultant  - Allegion Canada

How many years have you been in the industry and can you share some of your past experiences?

Involved in the door and hardware industry for over 35 years in various capacities including Locksmith, Installer, Estimator, Project Manager, Specification Writer, and currently as an Architectural Hardware Consultant.  

How many years have you instructed for DHI Canada and which courses have you instructed?

I have been an instructor with DHI Canada going back to 2010, and have instructed many different modules at the national and local chapter level including Professional Sales, Masterkeying, Hardware Applications, Codes and Standards, Canadian Codes, Construction Documents, Fire Door Assembly Inspections, Specifications, Project Coordination, Take-Off and Estimating, Detailing Doors and Frames, Door and Frame Standards. 

How has being an instructor contributed to your professional development and your career?

Every course I instruct gives me an opportunity to re-examine course material that is often complex and challenging, and it always reminds me how much information can be overlooked or forgotten. Every new class of students brings an enthusiasm and insight into making the course material relevant to their prospective roles and in turn makes me a better communicator and facilitates an opportunity to learn and develop in my own carreer path.

What impacts have you seen on students through their engagement in DHI Canada’s education?

DHI Education develops the next generation of minds and enables them to problem solve, participate in discussions, and learn new skills or acquire a new understanding. It also provides a forum for like minded individuals to find value and confidence in their abilities and ultimately prepares them for roles of leadership as they pursue a career in the Door and Hardware Industry. 

In your experience, what is the most important benefit of DHI Canada’s education program?

In my opinion, the most important benefit from DHI Education is two-fold. It enables participants to learn essential principles and acquire knowledge that they need to advance in their abilities and create opportunity to advance in their career. It also creates a much higher level of expertise in the door and hardware industry which ultimately creates a safe and secure built environment that will benefit society as a whole with properly operating public spaces for all to use an enjoy.

Personal story or memories you wish to share:

Personally, there are too many stories to fit on a piece of paper but i often say, people will often forget the details of an event or function and may not always recall the names of the people that they have met when they attended, but they will never forget the way others have made them feel when they were there.  I have great memories and have always come away from the DHI Education events with a renewed spirit and a feeling of belonging to a group of awesome colleagues. The people will always be the best part of these events!



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