Meet DHI Canada Instructor Kristi Scott

Apr 5, 2023 | General News


bio picKristi Scott, AHC, CFDAI

Managing Partner - Hinged Solutions Inc.

How many years have you been in the industry and can you share some of your past experiences?

I started in the industry in July 1994.  It was going to be a part time job until I went to university.  I quickly fell in love with the various aspects this industry brings and could see a path to a great career.  I worked my way through almost all positions from Procurement, Project Management, Management, C.O.O to business owner.  The ever evolving changes of the industry keep it interesting and being able to teach the new generations keeps me young and focused.

How many years have you instructed for DHI Canada and which courses have you instructed?

Many!  My first time instructing was in Phoenix, AZ in the former AH2, AH3, AH4 days.  I taught in the US a few times then moved to the DHI Canada Team.  I have had the great opportunity to teach many of the former classes as well as new classes.  Over the past many years I have been focused on teaching codes and the CFDAI certification class, however I have enjoyed teaching them all. 

How has being an instructor contributed to your professional development and your career?

Being an instructor keeps me current with the product, vendors, manufacturers and allows me to give back to a great industry.  It is always refreshing to see the excitement of new students and returning students that you taught years before.

What impacts have you seen on students through their engagement in DHI Canada’s education?

Seeing students come back year after year going after their education and credentials makes me believe we are doing it right.  Watching students arrive to their first class and then having the opportunity to proctor their exam and see the excitement of receiving credentials is an amazing impact on so many careers and lives and families.

In your experience, what is the most important benefit of DHI Canada’s education program?

DHI Canada is a tight group of instructors that work together year after year and the main focus is the students.  The question always in the front of our minds is "how can we make it better?" 

Personal story or memories you wish to share:

I have so many good memories but one of the best was being awarded the Frank J. Verge Excellence in Education Award at the Canada Conference in 2019.  It was in front of a group of colleagues, staff and mentors all of whom I consider friends.  The industry melds together so many great people that are there for each other day in and day out no matter who you work for or your position.      



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