Meet DHI Canada Instructor Malcolm Eyre

Apr 5, 2023 | General News


bio picMalcolm B. Eyre, Fellow DHI

Secretary/Treasurer, Eyre Consulting Ltd.

How many years have you been in the industry and can you share some of your past experiences?

I have been in the Industry for 51 years. My first experience was instructing the Basic Hardware course as a first time instructor for the Albertta Rose Chapter. It was great seeing the smiles on the faces of the students when everything clicked in their minds.

Another Experience was when I was asked to run for the Ontarion Chapter Presidency. This was a great experence and I worked with many great memberso n the Chapter Board. I really learned a lot from the Board members, from the experience they had serving on the Board before I became President. Another Experience was being asked by Bill Morris, DAHC at the Canada Confernce in St John, Newfoundland to run for the DHI Canada Education Director.

How many years have you instructed for DHI Canada and which courses have you instructed?

I started instructing in 2004 and I am still Instructung today when asked to do so.

The courses I have instructed are COR103, COR110, COR120, COR113, COR117, COR145, COR150, COR147, COR155, COR160, CDC300, COR123, COR153, CDC305

How has being an instructor contributed to your professional development and your career?

Being a DHI member as well as an Instructor has really advanced my thinking and experience working with our fellow DHI members.  In my previous working positions, I met many great people from across Canada, the United States and Great Britain, who I've worked with, instructed with, partied with.  I've learned many things from them that helped me advance  my career in the Industry, for which I am forever grateful.

What impacts have you seen on students through their engagement in DHI Canada’s education?

I have seen young men and women start in the Industry and never thought about becoming an AHC, CDC, EHC or more recently a DHT or DHC. With encouragement from different people who do have one or more of the designations, the people new to the industry took the DHI Canada courses and have been successful in obtaining a certiication.

It is so pleasing to see this happen.

In your experience, what is the most important benefit of DHI Canada’s education program?

Canada is a small country compared the USA, but DHI Canada is like a family and the Industry is very close. We as Canadian members meet DHI members or Non-Members from all over the country, most make friends and learn how things are done in the different parts of Canada which I feel is great learning experience.

Personal story or memories you wish to share:

When I had finished my term as DHI Canada Education Director in 2010, Lawrence Beatty, AHC, DHC, DHT FDHI, was appointed Education Director.   We bumped into each other at the 2013 Las Vegas Convention and got talking about DHI Canada. I mentioned to Lawrence that I missed working with the DHI Canada Board and said if he ever decided to run for DHI Canada President, that I would ike to get back onto the Canadian Board.  Little did I know that he had salready been asked.. Aboout 2-3 weeks later Lawrence called  and mentioned he was going  take me up on my offer.  I said what offer and Lawrence reminded me about what I had said in Vegas.  I said you %%#@& you already knew in Vegas that you were going to be President. We both laughed and I ended being on  the DHI Canada Board for another 7 years.  

Another Special memory was when i was asked to attend a Board meeting In Ottawa. I was presented by President Scott Suppes, AHC, with an Honourary Director Award plaque and beautiful books of memories from a lots of friends from across Canada that I cherish vey much.

Working with Ros Shender, AHC CDC FDAI updating COR117 and developing module COR118 was a great memory. 



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