DAI600 - Fire and Egress Door Assembly Inspection

(24 Hours) (24 CEPs)

Recommended prior courses:

The DAI600 curriculum is focused on understanding the role and responsibilities of the fire and egress door inspectors as well as interacting with the building owner and the Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ). It is paramount to ensure that the respective parties clearly understand the inspection process and documentation and how to follow through with the necessary corrections to improve safety in their facilities.

This class will teach you how to perform and record these inspections, as well as provide tips for interacting with building owners and AHJs. It requires an intermediate level of understanding of door, frame, and hardware products and applications, and applicable code familiarity to conduct inspections. Students of this course are recommended to complete the specific DHI courses mentioned above, or have comparable knowledge or experience. The first critical course, COR117- Door, Frame, and Architectural Hardware Applications, is focused on products and their applications. If you have not taken this course but have significant experience in non-residential doors, frames, and hardware, a complimentary knowledge assessment exam is available to evaluate your readiness for the DAI 600 class. Because the DAI600 course is based heavily on understanding codes, which are updated every three years, we strongly suggest that the second course, COR140 – Using Codes and Standards, be taken prior to DAI600, and if not taken within the past three years, the DHI CEP code update classes also be taken.

For those who do not work and/or are not directly related to the Door and Hardware Industry there are two excellent introductory courses - COR101 and COR102 – that should be completed prior to taking COR117, COR140 and ultimately DAI600. All 4 recommended courses are crucial in order to be successful in the DAI600 class and earn your FDAI credential.

You will learn how to:

After completing the DAI600 course, students may then register to take the CFDAI certification computerized exam through Kryterion Testing Services at their convenience. Upon successful completion of DAI600 and the exam students will receive the certification Certified Fire + Egress Door Assembly Inspector.

Students will receive the Guide to Annual Inspections of Swinging Fire Doors and Field Reference Digest for Inspecting Swinging Fire Doors, sample inspection reports, door gap gauge, and inspection magnet and mirror.