COR153 - Installation Coordination and Project Management

Face to Face Course – 16 Hours – 48 CEP Points (16 CEPs New Program)

Project management requires effectively working with contractors, installers, owners, and architects.

Coordination of the installation of doors, frames, and architectural hardware is an essential element of a project manager's responsibilities. Pre-installation meetings with the installers increase their productivity, reduce installation errors, and ensure that the door assemblies will operate reliably for many years. Project managers must also be able to read and interpret contract documents, oversee projects with fast-track schedules, and maintain profitability, which requires disciplined attention to detail. This course teaches you how to coordinate installations and provides you with techniques to help you succeed as a project manager.

You will learn how to:

Recommended Prior Courses:

Student to supply the following reference materials:
Window and Door Manufacturers Association (WDMA) IS-1A (2013) Architectural Flush Wood Doors and IS-6A (2013) Architectural Stile and Rail Wood Doors