COR147 - Introduction to Specification Writing

(24 Hours) (72 CEP points) (24 CEPs New Program)

If you are pursuing the Architectural Hardware Consultant (AHC), Certified Door Consultant (CDC), Electrified Hardware Consultant (EHC), or Door + Hardware Specification Consultant (DHSC), you need to master the basic principles of writing architectural specifications. Specification writing skills are an essential element of becoming a professional consultant in today's construction industry. Architects will expect you to have mastered these skills when you work with them.

"Practice makes perfect," as the saying goes, and this course teaches students how to practice writing door, frame, and hardware specifications. Nearly two days of practical exercises are included in this course.

You will learn how to:

Student to supply the following reference materials:
Catalogs or electronic files with technical information for hinges, mortise locks, door closers, fire exit hardware, panic hardware, protection plates, electrified hardware, hollow metal doors and frames, and flush wood doors