AHC Certification Exam

24 Hours – 72 CEP Points (24 CEPs New Program)

The Architectural Hardware Consultant (AHC) exam is currently given over two consecutive 8- hour days. Day 1 requires applicants to create a detailed hardware schedule for 15 different openings. Each hardware item must be thoroughly listed, using the manufacturers' part number(s) and nomenclature. Some of these openings require electrified hardware items to be scheduled correctly (including elevation wiring diagrams and operational descriptions).

Day 2 is divided into two periods. The first 5-hour period requires applicants to write a full threepart specification for the hardware products they detailed on Day 1 of the exam. The second 3- hour period requires applicants to successfully complete a series of written questions regarding codes and standards, hardware application, masterkeying, specification writing and electrified architectural hardware.


Any person who has obtained the knowledge to test may apply for a AHC certification exam. For recommended courses, please read the Education Resource Guide found on DHI's website (www.dhi.org).

Individuals who earn DHI's AHC are required to participate in the CEP as well as execute a new Certification Agreement and pay a $75 renewal fee at renewal time (every 3 years). Consultants are required to maintain annual Individual Membership or pay the annual Professional Certification Program Fee in lieu of membership. Failure to maintain Individual membership or pay the annual Professional Certification Program Fee will result in loss of credentials.

Continuing Education Program (CEP)

A registered consultant is obligated to earn a total of 30 CE points in a three year period. Consultants participating in the CEP are permitted to use the trademarked (™) CEP seal, which is personalized with the consultant's name, DHI ID number and expiration date.

The AHC exam requires two consecutive 8-hour days.

Discounts ONLY apply to applicants who are current DHI Individual Members. (Simply having a DHI Number doesn't automatically mean that an applicant is a current DHI Individual Member.)