DHI Canada Presentations

In Support of the Fire Door Annual Inspection Program

Organization City Month Year
Manitoba Building Officials Association
Presenter – Mike Plett, AHC
Winnipeg Apri 2009
Canadian Fire Safety Association
Presenter – Bill Ritchie, AOC
Toronto October 2009
Manitoba Building Officials Association
Presenter – David Sargent, AHC
Winnipeg April 2010
Oxford, Middlesex, Elgin, Norfolk Counties Fire Officials
Dick Barnhard, DAHC/CDC, FDHI
Steve Hornyak, AHC, CTC
London June 2010
Simcoe County Fire Officials
Presenter - Bill Ritchie, AOC
Barrie June 2010
Saskatchewan-Wheatland Chapter
Presenter – Don Lopatka, AHC
Saskatoon August 2010
Nova Scotia Association of Fire Officials
Presenters – Milt Allred, AHC and Yves Leblanc, AHC
Truro October 2010
Ontario Chapter
Presenter - Milt Allred, AHC
Toronto October 2010
Atlantic Provinces Chapter
Presenter – Shelley Thomas, AHC, and Yves Leblanc, AHC
Halifax November 2010
Canadian Prairie Chapter
Presenter – Don Lopatka, AHC
Winnipeg November 2010
Capital City Chapter
Presenter – Bill Ritchie, AOC
Ottawa November 2010
Saskatoon Fire & Protective Services
Presenter – Bill Ritchie, AOC
Saskatoon December 2010
Safety Codes Council
Presenter - Don Lopatka, AHC/FDAI
Edmonton May 2012
Yellowknife Fire Officials   Upcoming  
Peel Region Fire Officials   Upcoming  
Fire Marshal Office
Presenters - Don Lopatka, AHC, FDAI; Kevin Binksma, FDAI
Calgary September 2014