Spring 2019

May 27 - June 1, 2019

Holiday Inn Montreal Airport Hotel
6500 Cote de Liesse, Montreal, PQ H4T 1E3

Highlights of our 2019 Spring Technical School

It was another great school with a total of 62 students enrolling in 237 training days.  The Montreal venue continues to attract a record number of students and the final tally always exceeds our expectations.

Our Student Appreciation Night is always a highlight at the Canadian schools.  It gives students an opportunity to meet their colleagues and their instructors in a very casual atmosphere – and make plans to visit the hot spots in Downtown Montreal.  We weren’t blessed with a jam session from the DHI Canada band this year but the pizza, wine and beer added to the camaraderie.

Back to the most important part of our schools – the education.   There were many new additions including:

We couldn’t do it without a great deal of support from a great number of our members

To Our Dedicated Instructors...

  • Lawrence Beatty, AHC/FDHI/DHT/DHC  
  • Tim Ettinger, AHC/FDAI
  • Shadley Fataar, EHC                                                                          
  • Paul Jackson, DAHC
  • John Kalnay, EHC                                                       
  • Jason Landon, EHC                                                    
  • Alan McMurtrie, DAHC                                               
  • Joe Meijer, AHC
  • ​Keith Pardoe, DAHC/CDC/FDAI
  • Andy Pope, EHC
  • ​Michael Plett, AHC                                                                              
  • Dave Sargent, AHC
  • Mark Sorrenti, EHC
  • Scott Suppes, AHC
  • Kevin Tish, AHC/EHC, DHC, CFDAI

To Our Outstanding
Co-Directors of Education…..

  • Malcolm Eyre, FDHI
  • Mark Sorrenti, EHC

To the following companies that
have generously donated product….

  • DormaKaba
  • ASSA Abloy


And thanks to our wonderful students who brought their enthusiasm and their commitment to ensure the 2019 Spring Technical School was a success for all.

Photo Gallery


Our Student Appreciation Night
brings out the best in our students