Fall 2016

November 6 - 10, 2016
Sheraton Cavalier Hotel
2620 32nd Avenue NE, Calgary AB

Highlights of our 2016 Fall Technical School

It was a great school in all aspects – spring-like weather, a wide range of education modules, our professional instructors and our eager students.   What more could we ask for??

Well maybe a party to get things going.  Our Student Appreciation Night once again kicked things off in style.  This has become a tradition at Canadian schools and it’s our way of thanking students and instructors alike for their continued support. 

Again, there were some successful additions to the school……

We couldn’t do it without a great deal of support from a great number of our members

To Our Dedicated Instructors...
  • Lawrence Beatty, AHC, FDHI
  • Richard Bradbury, EHC
  • Kelly Chililar, AHC, FDAI
  • Sandy Elliott, AHC
  • Brad Hewlett, AHC/EHC, FDAI
  • Steve Isaac, AHC, FDAI
  • Paul Jackson, DAHC
  • John Kalnay, EHC
  • Alan D. McMurtrie, DAHC
  • Joe Meijer, AHC
  • Dan Molineaux, AHC
  • Katherine Panousos, AHC
  • Keith Pardoe, DAHC/CDC/FDAI
  • Roslyn Shender, AHC/CDC, FDAI, CSI
  • Dave Sargent, AHC
  • Mark Sorrenti, EHC
  • Karl Voth, AHC
  • Bob Watson, AHC
To Our Outstanding Co-Directors of Education...
  • Malcolm Eyre, FDHI
  • Paul Jackson, DAHC
To K.M. Thomas & 

for providing storage of our school samples

To Baillargeon
Doors & Daybar Industries...

for providing school samples


And thanks to our students. Without you, there wouldn’t be a school.


Photo Gallery

The sun rises on the
2017 Fall Technical School

Kelly Chimilar, AHC, FDAI,
receives his 5-year instructor pin

Joe Meijer, AHC, receives
his 5-year instructor pin

Richard Bradbury, EHC, receives the 2016 Frank J. Verge Excellence In Education Award