Fall 2015

October 26 - 31, 2015
Sheraton Cavalier Hotel
Calgary, AB

Highlights of our 2015 Fall Technical School

Another Success in Calgary!!!

Registrations were a bit slow coming in but we know from previous years, we don’t need to worry.  And sure enough, when all was said and done, we had over 60 students on board for the week-long school.   Again, we lived by the adage “all work and no play”, and we offered a Student Appreciation Night.  DHI Canada provided the beer and pizza, and the students provided the atmosphere.

As always, there were some exciting additions at the school….


Now a big thank you to all who made it possible

Congratulations to Dave Sargent, AHC, this year’s recipient of the Frank J. Verge Excellence In Education Award.

Paul Jackson, DAHC, Dave Sargent, AHC, and Malcolm Eyre, FDHI

To Our Dedicated Instructors….

  • Lawrence Beatty, AHC 
  • Richard Bradbury, EHC
  • Kelly Chimilar, AHC/FDAI
  • Sandy Elliott, AHC
  • Tim Ettinger, AHC/FDAI
  • Steve Isaac, AHC/FDAI
  • Paul Jackson, DAHC
  • John Manes, DAHC/EHC, FDHI
  • Jill McCreary, AHC/FDAI
  • Alan D. McMurtrie, DAHC
  • Dan Molineaux, AHC
  • Keith Pardoe, DAHC/CDC/FDAI
  • Dave Sargent, AHC
  • Kristi Scott, AHC
  • Scott Suppes, AHC
  • Bob Watson, AHC

To Our Outstanding Co-Directors 
of Education….

  • Malcolm Eyre, FDHI
  • Paul Jackson, DAHC

To McGregor Thompson…..
for providing storage for our 
western school samples

To Lampton Doors…..
for providing a quantity of
prototype doors

Fall Tech School Gallery