Spring 2014

May 5-10, 2014
Delta Toronto Airport West
Mississauga, ON

Highlights of our 2014 Spring Technical School - Toronto

What a week! What a success! The combination of our keen students and our excellent instructors always gets our schools off to the right start. Then we added a few more ingredients:

A successful school doesn’t just happen. There are lots of people who give of their time, their commitment and their knowledge.

Thanks to our excellent instructors…..

  • Richard Bradbury, EHC
  • Tim Ettinger, AHC
  • John Kalnay, EHC
  • Jill McCreary, AHC
  • Ryan McLachlan, AHC
  • Alan D. McMurtrie, DAHC 
  • Joe Meijer, AHC
  • Andy Pope, EHC
  • Robert Rowarth, AHC
  • Dave Sargent, AHC
  • Kristi Scott, AHC
  • Mark Sorrenti, EHC
  • Bob Watson, AHC


Thanks to our dedicated Co-Directors of Education…..

  • Malcolm Eyre, FDHI
  • Paul Jackson, DAHC

Congratulations to the recipients of their 5-year instructor pins:

  • Jill McCreary, AHC
  • Ryan McLachlan, AHC
  • John Kalnay, EHC
  • Andy Pope, EHC

And a very special thanks to our 2014 sponsors:

Memories of our 2014 Spring Technical School


Thank You to Our Sponsors