We’re on such a roll with our technical schools, we wanted to ensure we keep the momentum going – and that we did.

DAI600 was offered for the first time in Canada.  DHI Director of Education, Keith Pardoe, DAHC/CDC, made the long drive from Chantilly to lead the instruction and he was joined by two of our own – Steve Isaac, AHC/FDAI, and Don Lopatka, AHC/FDAI.   We enticed 8 students to sign up for this very challenging course and, much to our delight, they all passed.  Congratulations to instructors and students alike for making our first attempt such a success.

Another first was the introduction of our Student Appreciation Night.  Veteran instructor, Mark Sorrenti, EHC, got the idea started with his suggestion for a jam session - and it grew from there.  DHI Canada jumped on board by supplying the pizza, refreshments and a “Thank You Students” cake.   The highlight was the hidden talent the came out of the woodwork for the jam session.  It was a tossup whether the students or instructors had the best talent but there were a lot of hidden gems.

And we’d be remiss if we didn’t acknowledge first-time instructors, Joe Meijer, AHC, and Don Lopatka, AHC/FDAI.   They both passed the test with flying colours and we look forward to welcoming them back to future schools. 


Thanks to Joe and the rest of our excellent instructors….

  • Tim Ettinger, AHC
  • Malcolm Eyre, FDHI
  • Brad Hewlett, AHC/EHC
  • Steve Isaac, AHC/FDAI
  • Paul Jackson, AHC
  • Don Lopatka, AHC/FDAI
  • Ryan McLachlin, AHC
  • Joe Meijer, AHC
  • Robert Rowarth, AHC
  • Dave Sargent, AHC
  • Kristi Scott, AHC
  • Mark Sorrenti, EHC

And a special thanks to our Director of Education and DHI International Director of Education….

  • Lawrence Beatty, AHC
  • Keith Pardoe, DAHC/CDC

Memories of our 2012 Toronto Technical School


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